Republicans ALREADY Planning To Obstruct Hillary Clinton’s Presidency – BEFORE It Even Begins [DETAILS]

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The presidential election is less than two weeks away, and after over a year of divisive campaigning which has torn the American people apart many are looking forward to the conclusion. It is all but assured that Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton will ascend to the Oval office to be the first woman to ever occupy the White House as commander and chief. The Republican party’s leadership and cohorts are planning for this inevitability by already announcing that Clinton’s presidency will be marred by scandal and obstructionism in the form of investigations into her presidency.

Former Republican presidential hopeful, and sitting senator, Ted Cruz recently Tweeted Clinton deserves to be investigated for claims of voter fraud:

Voter fraud operative: 45 meetings w/ Obama–this merits a serious criminal investigation (not a James Comey “friends and family” cover-up).

Another Republican leader, Congressman Jason Chaffetz, said Clinton’s actions would lead to “four new hearings” and described the voter fraud allegations, “flashing red light of potential criminality.”

The president of “Judicial Watch”,Tom Fitton, which is a right-wing propaganda website that occasionally publishes sensitive material predicted:

You’re going to still have a clamor for a serious criminal investigation of Mrs. Clinton’s conduct with respect to her emails and the Foundation. There’s been no systematic investigation of various issues.

All of these various statements add up to Clinton’s presidency not being one of ease, but a struggle from the very moment she takes the Oath of Office. Republicans have no plans to concede power to Clinton, and will do everything they can within their power to assure she has as difficult a time as possible. Considering the American people see the Republican controlled congress as the worst in over 100 years, they should expect nothing less from the Republican leadership.

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