Republican Party HALTS Trump victory party planning, acknowledge DEFEAT is imminent

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The presidential contest between Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump and Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton has been a near dead-heat for months as both attempt to win the favor of the American electorate while the election reaches its final month. As a measure of good practice both campaigns prepare for victory, or defeat. This means writing two speeches, one to celebrate and one to concede. The nature of politics also means campaigns must plan two parties, one for victory and one for defeat. However, top Republican leaders are now apparently putting the brakes on any form of victory party for Trump due to the recent revelation of a secret audio recording of him bragging about sexually assaulting women.

An innocuous email from the Republican National Committe to a “victory program mail vendor” tells the story all too many individuals recognize; Trump is going to lose and it is going to be a monstrous loss.

A Republican National Committee staffer named Laren Toomey sent the email in questions which, in part, reads:

Please put a hold/stop on all mail projects right now. If something is in production or print it needs to stop. Will update you when to proceed.

It appears to be a shrewd move on the part of the Republican party’s chiefs. Rather than outright state they no longer have confidence in Trump’s campaign or candidacy, instead they leaked they are no longer printing victory material for him. Why should they? Trump’s loss is all but assured, and the Republican party might as well save themselves a few dollars. They are, after all, the party which claims to be “fiscally responsible.”

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