Presidential Debate Gets Off To INSANE Start Right At The Beginning, Did You See This HUGE Snub!?

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During the Presidential Debate airing now Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump approached one another, Trump didn’t know whether to lean in for the handshake, stepped back, and they did NOT shake hands. EXTREMELY AWKWARD.

The reason for this is likely that Hilary wants to be asked “Why didn’t you two shake hands?” to which she is going to bring up the leaked audio of Trump. In the 2005 leaked audio Trump talks about sex with married women and how women like being groped by Trump since he’s famous.

Anderson Cooper just asked Trump about the audio, pointing out that what described is sexual assault “This is sexual assault, do you understand that?”

Trump “No, it’s not, it’s locker room banter”

Anderson “Are you saying that you never groped women without consent”

Trump “I have tremendous respect for women” “Women have tremendous respect for me”

Anderson “Are you saying that you never have

Trump “No I have not”

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