Pence Schedule REMOVED from Trump Website – IT’S HAPPENING

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After issuing a statement that he had “no defense” for the leaked audio released earlier today which contained Trump saying that he likes to have sex with married women and thinks that his fame makes it so that woman don’t mind if he gropes them, Mike Pence has most likely withdrawn from the Trump campaign.
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Earlier today Mike Pence was supposed to attend a rally in Wisconsin, after Trump had been uninvited by the top Republican in the country Speaker Paul Ryan. Since then – even more tapes have been released, and as a result Mike Pence’s campaign schedule has been removed from the Trump campaign website, meaning, he has no plans on the books to campaign for Trump any further.


Via TheHill: A producer from the reality series “The Apprentice” used Twitter on Saturday night to warn that the now infamous leaked audio of Trump is just the beginning.

Pruitt is not the first to suggest there will be more revelations about the GOP presidential nominee’s past behavior. According to reports by Fox News’ Ed Henry, top Trump adviser Ben Carson suggested there would be more “bombshells” to come.

Earlier today Pence issued this statement:

Trump has an extremely shady history with women. His first wife Ivana under oath said that Trump raped her in their divorce papers, in a 1997 lawsuit a makeup artist alleges that Trump groped her, there’s other women that say Trump tried to rape them. So, it was completely disgusting but not entirely surprising when the Washington Post released audio Friday from 2005 where Trump can be heard bragging about having sex with married women, groping women, and how women let him do anything he wants because he’s famous. That video is at the bottom of this article if you haven’t seen it yet.

Mike Pence did NOT be show up in Wisconsin today. His campaign confirmed. We are trying to get a comment from his campaign on if he will be dropping out as Trump’s running mate. That his schedule has been cancelled speaks volumes.

Reports are that he was “beside himself” when he heard the audio, and that his wife was “furious”.

Meanwhile, top Republicans held an emergency meeting to plan for the contingency of Trump dropping out, which is now more likely than ever.

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