No Women In America Will Vote For Trump After Watching Hillary’s New Ad Showing Leaked Trump Sexual Predator Audio

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Earlier today the Washington Post found audio from 11 years ago, 5 months after Donald Trump married Melania Trump talking about his strategies to have sex with married women. The audio came from a hot mic where Trump was preparing to see and looking at a female TV host, commenting on her sexually, saying that he tried to have sex with her despite knowing that she was married. He claimed that because he was famous he could do anything that he wanted to women, including saying that he would “Grab her in the p*ssy”.

Hillary’s new ad is going to cost Trump a lot of votes, because this scandal is different than Trump’s previous blunders. Mike Pence Trump’s VP pick was cornered by reporters after the story broke and had to refuse to answer any questions. The family values Christians will care that Trump is a sexual predator.

Trump released a statement dismissing it as “locker room banter” and said that Bill Clinton was even worse than him. The debate Sunday will likely now reflect this as a major scandal and Trump’s true colors just might show.

How will Trump win the election now, when no sane women will be left to vote for him. He just lost the Christian vote and the female vote. Hopefully, the election just ended.

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