BREAKING: Brand New Polls Just Released – Results Are SHOCKING!

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The campaign of Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump is in sheer panic mode after a litany of new polling data shows Trump behind in literally every single instance. Trump’s campaign has long lamented that the election has been rigged against him, and they will likely use this new information as grist for their rumor mill of fear and division. That, however, does not change the facts on the ground that with less than two weeks to go the possibility of Trump pulling out a victory on November 8th looks to be a far-off fantasy at this point.

There were eight national polls released on Thursday, Oct 27, and none of them had Trump winning. That can not be a heartening thought for Trump who believes himself to be invincible, and for which losing is an unacceptable outcome. Yet, here is the data staring him in the face. The following polls all predict doom and gloom for Trump:

CNBC: Clinton +9
ABC News: Clinton +6
Pew: Clinton +6
Economist/YouGov: Clinton +5
IBD/TIPP: Clinton +2
Rasmussen: Clinton +1
Gravis: Clinton +1
LA Times: Tied

If this information were not bad enough news for Trump, The Washington Post published a telling analysis which showed Trump has a near 0% chance to win the presidency. The only national news outlets which have endorsed Trump are the Ku Klux Klan’s official newspaper “The Crusader” and the Las Vegas Review Journal which is owned by the right-wing billionaire Sheldon Adelson. Neither of those are confidence inspiring, nore are these polling numbers. The only question now is, is it too late for Trump to right his campaign? That answer is very likely yes.

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