Morgan Freeman Just Did An Epic Ad For Hillary Clinton – Trumpers Will Be Furious At This

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Morgan Freeman just did an inspiring ad for Hillary Clinton about this election. It speaks to the historical significance of this election. The ad doesn’t take any swipes at Trump, but does speak to the significance of an election which is about inclusion and progress in the face of racism and nationalist hatred.

Trumpers see a world which is changing around them, they think that change is bad. They don’t want to live in a world filled with different types of people and a fair economy. Hillary and the Democrats have come to symbolize a culture where we value other types of people, and we believe we should have an economy which works for everyone, not just the lucky few.

Morgan Freeman: “What does showing up when it’s time to vote actually mean? You care about protecting his legacy and our progress. You care about moving forward united as one. Because we show up in full force and when we refuse to stand by quietly we show what it means to be stronger together.”

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