Monica Lewinsky was cornered in an airport and asked for her thoughts on Trump…

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Well well, look who popped up in LAX airport? None other than former Bill Clinton’s object of affection, Ms. Monica Lewinsky herself. The former president’s flame was harassed by camera people from TMZ who attempted to get her to give her opinions on the upcoming presidential election.

Lewinsky was asked, “How do you feel about the charges against Donald Trump? Do you feel like he is fit to be president?” Obviously not in a mood to entertain the individual’s questions Lewinsky tersely responded:

It’s 5:30 in the morning, you should be asleep.

Unsatisfied with Lewinsky’s evasive answer the camera person continued to pursue her while asking for her opinions. The camera person continued, ““Your voice is very important, we are down to the wire. There is a lot of talk about Bill Clinton’s history, is that fair game at this point. Is there anything you can say Monica?”

Ever media savvy after being on the front of every magazine, and on every news channel, Lewinsky knows when to keep her mouth closed. She could have said anything about either candidate and it would have made worldwide news, as her saying nothing is also news. However, considering Lewinsky was flying at 5:30 in the morning it is likely she had done so on purpose to attempt to avoid such questioning from hungry camera people looking to scoop the next big story.

To view the altercation please click here.

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