Mike Pence clearly shaken at rally when voter makes this SHOCKING vow

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The base of Republican voters throwing their support being their party’s presidential nominee, Donald Trump, are growing increasingly nervous about the very likely possibility that Democratic presidential nominee, Hillary Clinton, is going to win on election day. During a rally where Trump’s running mate, Mike Pence, spoke one such voter echoed this sentiment by promising to be ready for a revolution — without offering elaboration of what a revolution meant to them.

The comments came in Newton, Iowa when the disgruntled voter said: One of the biggest things that a lot of us are scared of is this voter fraud. There’s a lot of us that are out there saying that when we go to vote, we’re gonna wear red.

The voter’s vow, who happened to be female, to wear red harkens back to the Nazi-era of brown shirts terrorizing citizens. However, the voter missed the nuance and implications of her comments and continued:

Our lives depend on this election. Our kids future depends on this election. I will tell, for me personally, if Hillary Clinton gets in, I, myself, I’m ready for a revolution, because we can’t have her in.

Pence, the Governor of Indiana, was clearly displeased with the comments and attempted to dissuade the voter by saying, “Don’t say that. There’s a revolution coming on November the 8th, I promise you.”

Trump has already begun setting the groundwork for his humiliating loss, and it is clear voters are buying his lies.

View the strange scene below:

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