Melania Trump shocked the world when she did THIS at the debate…

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The stakes of presidential politics have reached their highest point in American history amongst Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump and Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton. The two had been traded barbs in the media over the revelation of a secret audio recording of Trump made in 2005 where Trump bragged about sexually assaulting women when he said he liked to “grab ’em by the pus*y.” In an apparent act of defiance Trump’s wife Melania attended the debate wearing a garment named using the same vulgarity.

The outfit of Melania appeared innocuous at first, with the stunning Mrs. Trump’s pink shirt appearing to be nothing out of the ordinary. However after later review some savvy observers put the pieces of the puzzle together and discovered she was indeed wearing a Gucci item called a “fuchsia pussy-bow blouse.”

According to retail website

A pussybow blouse is one of the prettiest ways to embrace Gucci’s new-found eclecticism. This fuchsia-pink design is cut in Italy from silk-georgette, and detailed with softly gathered shoulders and buttoned cuffs to maximise the vintage vibes. Tuck it into a knife-pleated skirt, finishing with statement accessories.

The world may never know if Trump’s campaign chose the blouse intentionally, but it would not come as a surprise if they did.

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