Megyn Kelly Shuts Down Trump Campaign Chief After Debate, Refuses To Hear Her Lies (VIDEO)

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Republican Nominee Donald Trump has surrounded himself with clever beautiful women to distract from his history of sexism. Kellyanne Conway Trump’s Campaign Chief goes out onto shows and talks a big game, often times spinning the media, but after the Vice Presidential Debate Tuesday night she ran into one TV host that wasn’t friendly to her media spin(read: lies).

Conway appeared on Fox News to speak to Megyn Kelly where she repeated lie after lie and Kelly had to interrupt her again and again so that the record would be clear. During the debate Mike Pence, Trump’s VP pick, continually denied that Trump had said a variety of things, including praising Putin. Once the debate came to a close the media called him out on it, Kelly was one of them.

Via RealTimePolitics:
Kelly: “Putin has had journalists shot in the street so it’s a little jarring to hear him praised by Donald Trump as a strong leader,”

Conway: “Nobody thinks Obama is a strong leader […] Why, in the new CNN poll, is Hillary at 53 percent among women? She’s running as the first female president. There’s something holding her back.”

Kelly: “She’s beating Donald Trump by some 20 points with women […] I mean, why is Donald Trump at 32 percent?”

Conway: “Not really […] Not in all polls.”

Kelly: “You are sitting here suggesting, why are her numbers low with women and you work for Donald Trump! […] His numbers are historically low for a Republican nominee with women. Historically low.”

Conway: “I guess I would focus on why we’re here, which is the vice presidential debate.”

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