Man yells Bill Clinton is a rapist LIVE on the air

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The presidential election has less than 40 days until the finish line is reached and tensions are high amongst the American people. The issues presented between both candidates can often find themselves trivialized by their supporters. One such instance happened when an audience member of Fox News shouted profanity related to former President Bill Clinton.

While the popular “Fox & Friends” program, hosted by Tucker Carlson, Ed Henry, and Abby Huntsman were introducing a charity event to raise money for animals who live in shelters a man climbed a security railing and yelled “Bill Clinton is a rapist” at least five times.

The incident was, however, not random. Apparently far-right wing conspiracy nut job Alex Jones, of InfoWars, offered his audience a cool five thousand dollars if they were able to find their way on a national television show and call Bill Clinton a rapist. Jones offered, “Anyone that gets on national TV with the shirt clearly, for more than five seconds, gets $1,000. That means behind cameras, you name it. Anyone that gets it on air on national TV and gets the words out ‘Bill Clinton is a rapist,’ or things along that line, with a bullhorn — I could go to this right now, $5,000.”

Alex Jones is always keeping it classy.

Watch the offer by Jones below:


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