JUST IN: Trump Produces Incredibly OFFENSIVE Ad Geared Toward Indians, Hindus OUTRAGED [WATCH HERE]

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The outreach for the campaign of Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump has always been askew, as Trump disingenuously attempts to court minorities which he has spent the last year alienating. Trump realizes he requires more than white people to vote for him, and he has shamelessly been attempting to win votes any way in which he can. Recently Trump released his latest debacle; a campaign video reaching out to American-Indian voters where Trump foolishly and incorrectly attempting to speak Hidi. It was quite embarrassing.

Trumps video said:

The Indian and Hindu community will have a true friend in the White House. We will defeat radical Islamic terrorism.

Yes that’s right, after decrying Muslims as the enemy Trump now wants their vote. He even took the extraordinary step of attempting to speak to members of the Muslim community in their native tongue, but of course he said the words incorrectly. Trump said, “Ab ki baar Trump sarkar.” The translation to that is “This time a Trump government.” How convincing, no? Trump’s video ended with a clip of Trump shouting during a rally, “We love the Hindus, we love India.”

The response to Trump’s video has been nothing but negative, and he seems to have caused further alienation rather than drawing individuals to his constituency. There is little a television ad can accomplish in terms of winning over voters who Trump has painted as the number one enemy of America. However, that will certainly not stop him from trying.

Watch Trump’s latest ad below:

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