JUST IN: Megyn Kelly Gets DEVASTATING News Following Newt Gingrich Interview – Her Career Is On The Line [DETAILS]

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Megyn Kelly has been a stalwart at Fox News for years, and is undoubtedly one of their most successful stars. However, this election cycle has been tough on Kelly. First there was her ongoing feud with Republican Nominee Donald Trump, and just last week she got into an on0air feud with former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich.

Kelly’s contract is up, and she is looking for $20 million a year.

And it looks like no one wants her.

From Vanity Fair:

But so far, the purported auction for Kelly’s services has not come to fruition. One CNN insider explained, “of course we would love to have her,” before noting that poaching Kelly, given the likely cost of her contract, “is not something we are seriously considering.” Instead, this person elaborated, CNN is investing more in documentary-style programming after the election. “I don’t believe anyone is pursuing her other than Fox at this point,” said one ABC insider. A source close to CBS said that they are not making an offer, either. (The person close to Kelly noted that discussions with rival executives were ongoing.)

At this point, it would be tough for Kelly to go to a CNN or MSNBC, especially after taking such conservative views.

Do you think Megyn Kelly is worth $20 million a year?

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