JUST IN: Mark Cuban HUMILIATES Trump And Exposes His Hypocricy With One BEAUTIFUL TWEET

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The poll numbers do not lie in the contest between Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton and Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump. It is all but assured that Trump is going to lose his bid to sit in the Oval Office, and some outlets have reported he has a near 0% chance to win. Trump is a blathering racist, but he isn’t a complete moron and he, surprisingly, has the ability to read. He knows he is going to lose, and is therefore setting the groundwork amongst his supporters that the entire process against him has been rigged. However, some pundits are not buying Trump’s rhetoric and have taken to Twitter to set him straight.

During a rally in North Carolina Trump said, “The whole system is rigged and that’s why when the media does what they’re doing now, that’s rigging the system folks. It’s rigging the system. The election is rigged. It’s rigged like you’ve never seen before. They’re rigging the system.”

Trump’s adversary and actual successful businessman, Mark Cuban, succinctly pointed out how ridiculous it is for Trump to claim the system has been rigged against him. Cuban Tweeted out to much fanfare:

It is game, set, and match for Cuban. Trump’s argument is non-existant and when he loses the election in almost two weeks he will only have himself to blame.

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