JUST IN: Hillary Just Got The BEST NEWS In Florida – Trump’s Campaign IN PANIC MODE

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In what may be an obvious clue of the backlash caused by the disgusting racially charged rhetoric of Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump, Hispanic voters are already turning out in an unprecedented showing to cast their ballots. As Trump has made his bigotry towards the Hispanic community well known by calling them drug dealers, rapists, and criminals, it should come as no surprise they are coming out in droves to stand against his candidacy.

The campaign of Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton reported that early voting amongst Hispanics around the nation has shown a 99% increase from 2012, and 133,000 Hispanics have already voted in Florida. The Clinton campaign requires every vote they can get in Florida, which has always been a hotly contested battleground state. Latios account for 17% of the entire electorate in Florida, and traditionally those voters have not always sided with Democrats. However, with their very culture at stake with the possibility of a Trump presidency it is plain to see why the early voting is breaking record numbers.

Florida is not the only state which has seen such an uptick. Nevada’s Clark County accounts for 75% of the entire state’s population and 51,000 individuals took the opportunity to vote early. Of those early voters, 51% were Democrats and only 27% were Republicans. The same trend is showing in Arizona. At this time in 2012 Democrats were losing to Republicans by 20,000 votes. Now those numbers have been flipped. 300,000 Arizona residents have already gone to the ballot, and Democrats are leading by 1,000 votes. That is by no means a landslide, but it does show a reverse in a trend in a state which is traditionally Republican-leaning.

All of this information spells disaster for the Trump campaign, who some pundits have listed Trump having a near 0% chance to win on election day. If these trends continue that is merely more information to point towards that fact.

Watch Trump call Mexican immigrants rapists and criminals:

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