JUST IN: Hillary Clinton Is Outsmarting Trump In Florida, And This Is Why [DETAILS]

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The evidence of the demise of Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump’s hopes of capturing the Oval Office are evident to those paying attention to his plummeting poll numbers. Trump is the least liked nominee in the history of the Republican Party. Trump has never taken responsibility for his own behavior and has taken to claiming to his supporters that the election has been rigged against him, which is demonstrably false.

Beyond his own behavioral problems, Trump’s campaign is simply not equipped to handle the nuance of a nationwide campaign, and Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton is capitalizing on that fact. During a rally in Florida Clinton showed how the little things her campaign are doing will add up to big gains for her when all of the votes of the American people are finally tallied. What did Clinton do, exactly? She held her rally next door to an early polling place and encouraged those attending to vote immediately after her speech. Clinton said:

Early voting began here in South Florida yesterday. It goes through Sunday, November 6th. You can go to your early voting site in your county between 7 AM and 7 PM. In fact, you can go across the street right now to the North Regional Library and cast your ballot today, and we have volunteers and staff ready to escort you, so hey, go ahead and vote now.

Florida is a battleground state and could go to either candidate which means every single vote will count. With the known laziness of the public at large, any ease a candidate can offer for their supporters to go to a voting booth is always going to be beneficial. Will Trump figure this out before it is too late? Likely not.

Watch all of Clinton’s speech below:

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