JUST IN: Donald And Melania Trump Are One Step Closer To Divorce, Trump HUMILIATES Melania On LIVE TV [WATCH HERE]

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Donald and Melania Trump appeared on “Good Morning America” Thursday morning, along with Donald’s four oldest children, Donald Jr., Ivanka, Eric, and long-suffering Tiffany.

Host George Stephanopolous focused on Melania, especially the accusations against her husband for sexual assault. As usual, Melania sat and smiled and looked pretty. Gave canned, programmed answered that were probably practiced in a mirror for hours.

Stephanopolous asked Melania, “You said at the beginning, if you run, you’ll win. Do you still feel that?”

“I feel that. I’ve seen the connection he’s made with the American people,” Melania replied. “And my husband, he created a movement.”

“Does it make you want to get out there yourself and help him in the last two weeks?” Stephanopolous asked.

That’s when Donald Trump interjected, and dropped this bomb on Melania.

Donald Trump said, “She’s actually going to be making two or three speeches.”

“Oh,” Melania replied, obviously hearing this for the first time.

“She’s amazing when she speaks,” Trump said. “She’s an amazing public speaker, so she’s agreed to do two or three more speeches. And I think it’s going to be big speeches, important speeches. And I think it’s going to be great.”

Yes, she gave ONE great speech, which she stole from Michelle Obama.

At what point does Melania Trump say, “enough”?

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