JUST IN: Bernie Sanders Comes To Hillary’s Defense, While DESTROYING Donald Trump In The Process

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The Democratic primary battle between Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders was grueling and devastating for both individuals both personally and politically. The invective used by both campaigns left marks on the two candidates that will never wash away, but with primary politics being as they are, with both candidates from the same party, inevitably the vanquished will stand up to support the winner. Sanders angered, and alienated, his supporters when he started campaigning for Clinton and doing so in a loud manner. Many believed Sanders was a hypocrite for doing so after he spent many months deriding all of Clinton’s shortcomings. Now with the advent of WikiLeaks releasing sensitive information about the Clinton campaign, Sen. Sanders has come forward to defend the content of Clinton’s emails.

Sanders stated about the damaging Clinton campaign emails:

Trust me, if they went into our emails — I suppose which may happen, who knows — I’m sure there would be statements that would be less than flattering about, you know, the Clinton staff. That’s what happens in campaigns.

Basically Sanders is saying that campaigning is dirty business, and one has to play hard if they want to win. That is a deep departure from his campaign promise to run an issue-based campaign and to not veer off into the slippery slope of dirty politics. He went on to say:

The way they work is very, very different than the way we work. We did not have a committee deciding what kind of jokes I would be telling. The way they do politics is very different.

Bernie is, and will always be, a class act. However, based on his rhetoric of the past, and the defense he offers of Clinton now it is fair for one to wonder what he actually believes, and what he believes is the politically expedient thing to say at the time.

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