John Oliver CRUSHED Trump in a brutal tirade

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During presidential elections comedians use the prospective candidates as fodder. With the revelation that Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump bragged about sexually assaulting women with impunity, he left no room for interpretation about the type of man he is — and late night talk show hosts have been having a field day. In particular HBO’s John Oliver, of “Last Week Tonight” absolutely decimated not only Trump, but the entire Republican party, in a brutal segment.

Oliver expressed his indignation towards the Republican base:

Trump alone does not bear the burden of his conduct, because he alone did not make himself your party’s nominee. All of you have consistently supported him through some absolutely heinous shit.

He went on to say:

All of you still thought he should be president. So the only way you get to be shocked and outraged now is if you were cryogenically frozen until Friday afternoon and that Access Hollywood tape was the first thing you saw upon being reanimated. Anything less than that, and this is on you too.

The irony of Trump’s candidacy was not lost on Oliver. On one side is one of the most qualified people ever to seek the office of president, and on the other side is a carnival barker with a penchant for using and abusing women:

And in a way, perhaps we’ve always been heading to this historic moment: the first female presidential nominee versus the human embodiment of every backwards, condescending, madman-esque boy’s club attitude that has ever existed rolled into one giant, salivating, dick-size referencing, pussy-grabbing warthog in a red power tie.

In the end it will be up to the American people to decide who they want representing them, and if they choose Trump after all of his heinous actions they have only themselves to blame for the fallout.

Watch all of Oliver’s segment below:

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