Jimmy Fallon Jumps Off The Trump Train After Sex Tape Leak in SNL Skit, But Do You Believe Him? [WATCH HERE]

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After an audio tape leaked Thursday of Trump talking about groping married women everyone in the world has been trying to run from Trump. He’s lost the endorsement of almost every Republican in the country, and his corpse is in free fall. With not many people left who ever liked Trump that haven’t yet slammed him, memories are brought up of Jimmy Fallon.
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Jimmy Fallon, host of The Tonight Show was a Trump media ally, doing skits that humanized an otherwise deplorable man. Most recently Fallon had Trump on and swished his hair about, somehow trying to make Trump look adorable but actually revealing he has an extremely tactical combover.

Since the Trump Train is on a one way ticket to hell, Fallon decided it might be time to jump off.

Via TheDailyBeast: The two women begin the sketch by flaming that they don’t know who they’ll vote for. “Whatever, you love Trump! Everyone thinks you love Trump,” Fey says to Fallon, ribbing him then messing with his (well, her, in character) hair, mimicking the much-derided noogie Fallon gave Trump.

Fallon’s character claims it’s not true: “I said it one time! Get off my bra strap, cool police,” seemingly addressing critics of his Trump interview. He adds, “I don’t like Trump! I don’t like that he called Alicia Machado fat.”

Then the two traded a handful of cracks about the candidates and the election. On Trump’s attack on Alicia Machado’s weight, Fey says, “Does this guy have mirrors in his house? He looks like someone opened a quesadilla to pick the chicken out.”

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