Insane Trump supporter defends Trump’s sexual assault bragging, says he was sent by God

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Unless one has been living in an underground cave with their eyes closed and their fingers in their ears they are likely aware of the comments made by Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump where he bragged about sexually assaulting women. On one side there are those who are rightfully outraged and disgusted by Trump, vowing to do whatever it takes to stop him from winning the presidency in November. The other side is a collection of haphazard fools who are also doing whatever they can in terms of mental contortions to justify the despicable rhetoric from their preferred candidate.

Such a scenario was available to observe on CNN when Brooke Baldwin hosted Vicki Sciolaro to discuss the debacle live on the air. Sciolaro is the Third Congressional District Chair of the Kansas Republican Party and she apparently had no moral qualms with Trump’s comments. Sciolaro said, “He’s not running to be the Pope!” and further explained away Trump’s comments by saying that at least he is not Hillary Clinton who she accused of “murdering babies.”

However, Sciolaro compared Trump to being that of a common street walking hooker when she said, “God can use anybody! He used the harlots! It’s all about what God can do. God can do this. God can use this man!” In what capacity is God using Trump, one wonders? Perhaps it is to put Hillary Clinton in the White House.  Sciolaro was not finished there, as she completed her idiotic tirade by referencing former president Bill Clinton’s sex scandal:

When Bill Clinton was President, my children came home from school and they had no idea it was actually called the Oval Office. They thought it was called the Oral Office!

The idiocy has to be seen to be believed. Watch below:

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