If Trump Is President The World Will Likely End, New Hillary Ad Jumps To The Point

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A new Hillary ad gets right to the point, if Donald Trump is President the world will likely see nuclear war. Trump has through his character and through his words shown that he isn’t fit to have the nuclear launch codes. During the ad Trump is quoted multiple times saying that he loves being unpredictable, would bomb the shit out of someone, and loves war. That’s not someone that can be trusted with nuclear power.

As Hillary would say: A man you can bait with a tweet can’t be trusted with the nuclear codes.

“I spent many years as a nuclear missile launch officer. If the President gave the order we had to launch the missiles. That would be it. I prayed that call would never come. Self-control may be all that keeps these missiles from firing.”
Trump: I would bomb the shit out of them.
Trump: I wanna be unpredictable.
Trump: I love war
“The thought of Donald Trump with nuclear weapons scares me to death. It should scare everyone.”

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