Hillary Wipes The Floor With Trump VP Mike Pence’s Soul After Showing PROOF He Lied Over & Over Again

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The Vice Presidential Debate on CBS Tuesday was completely bizarre in that instead of defending Donald Trump, Trump’s VP Mike Pence instead denied that Trump said any of the things he had for the entire debate, and then the media and everyone else found the clips and wondered why. Can he not defend Trump or was he trying to boost his own career?

Pence denied that Trump has praised Putin. That’s news to the rest of us? Pence denied that there would be deportation, except that’s Trump’s main issue… And Trump specifically called for a deportation force, which Pence called “nonsense”.

On abortion, Pence suffered from the same amnesia, “Donald Trump and I would never support legislation that the women should be punished”, Trump talking to Chris Matthews “There has to be some form of punishment”

Tim Kaine at the debate “Donald Trump said keep them out if they’re Muslim” then Pence responded “Absolutely not”, in what world is this guy living in? Trump “Called for a total and complete shutdown of Muslims entering the United States”. How can you argue with these people when they don’t live in the same reality as us, when you can send them video clips of things that they’ve said and they will STILL deny it?!

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