Hillary Spits On Trump’s Grave In New Ad Called “The Final Meltdown” So Brutal It’s Painful

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Donald Trump’s campaign has been in complete free fall since a 2005 audio tape was released which displayed Trump bragging about sexually assaulting women. Paul Ryan and John McCain were quick to abandon Trump, some in less severe ways than the other. In return Trump has pointed out that McCain only wanted his endorsement so he wouldn’t lose in his primary, which is largely true. And to Speaker Paul Ryan he tweeted out that Ryan should be more focused on winning than attacking him.

The advertisement pulls clips mainly from the Presidential Debate Sunday and a Bill O’Reilly interview Tuesday. Trump threatened to jail Hillary Clinton through the use of a special prosecutor. What Trump is talking about is more comparable to an African dictatorship where you kill your political opponents.

Trump on O’Reilly claimed that he’s doing well with women, despite the fact that women overwhelmingly said that Trump lost the Presidential Debate. Trump thinks those polls are the Liberal media, so he prefers to tweet out the results from Drudge Report and Breitbart, two extremely Conservative websites.

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