Hillary Just Stole Trump’s Thunder In The Only Way He Was Winning, He’s Going To Be Furious At This!

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Donald Trump has loved bragging about the size of his rallies and constantly harasses the media in attendance at his rallies – forcing them to pan their cameras to show his crowds. Hillary has had smaller crowds, and Trumpers insist that this is part of a conspiracy where the mainstream media is hiding the fact Trump is really winning.

It’s a far fetched conspiracy theory, but it won’t be applicable anymore after a 2005 audio tape leaked which contained Trump bragging about sexually assaulting women. In the interim, that theory has been debunked, after Hillary had a rally twice as big as Trump’s. Trump had 10,000 – Hillary had 18,000.

Via RealTimePoliticsMonday night Hillary held her largest rally to date, with 18,000 people flocking to see the Democratic presidential nominee campaign in the battleground state of Ohio. The Secret Service estimated there were 18,000 in attendance, including the people who were at the rally and outside the security perimeter.

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