Hillary Clinton’s New Anti-Trump Ad is So Brutal It’s Left Trump Speechless

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Hillary Clinton released a new ad after the Vice Presidential Debate Tuesday which has Republican Nominee Donald Trump absolutely furious. This one is targeted at Mike Pence, who entirely forgot that he is Trump’s running mate during the debate. The real “winner” of the debate Tuesday was Pence’s hopes of running for President in 2020. He made no effort to defend Donald Trump, whenever asked about something that Trump has said, he simply denies Trump ever said it.

During the ad Hillary Clinton’s VP Pick Tim Kaine is seen asking Mike Pence about Trump’s comments endorsing Russian President Putin and Pence denies that Trump has ever done so. Pence himself said that Putin was a stronger leader for Russia than Obama was for America, forced into the position after Donald Trump made such a strong Putin endorsement.

Trump was entirely unaware that Putin had annexed Krimea, saying that Russia would not go into Ukraine, forgetting that he had some years previous.

Pence also denied that Trump has wanted to create an immigration deportation force, despite the fact that Trump has literally called for the creation of said force, which the video indicates.

Pence denied that Trump wants to punish abortions, yet when pressed on the issue with Chris Mathews, Trump said and the video reflects “There has to be some form of punishment”.

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