Hillary Clinton Just Released THE MOST BRUTAL Ad That Could DESTROY Trump’s Campaign [WATCH IT HERE]

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Hillary Clinton has released an ad attacking Donald Trump’s truthfulness. Called “Google it,” it lists several times Republican nominee Donald Trump has lied or misstated the facts. Which of course, are many.

One lie that Trump likes to repeat is that he was always against the Iraq War.

The “Google search” performed in the video revealed that yeah, most people are refuting Trump’s claims that he was opposed to the war. Specifically, it showed the often-cited 2002 interview with Howard Stern during which Trump said he guessed he was in favor of the war.

The ad also “Googled” Trump’s comments on giving nukes to other countries like Japan, which he swore didn’t exist at the debate. He also insisted those quotes were fake earlier this year and CNN smacked down that argument with some fact-checking chyrons. The Briefing‘s search revealed that yeah, he said those things, too.

The searches went on, disproving his claims that he never made fun of disabled New York Times reporter Serge Kovaleski and has no relationship with Vladimir Putin.

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