FOX News to host last presidential debate, moderator vows not to fact check Trump

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The third and final debate between Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump and Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton is soon to be upon the public, as the two Oval Office hopefuls present their last arguments to the public before the election on November 9th. The debate is notable as it will be the first time Fox News, that paragon of journalistic integrity, will have the opportunity to host a presidential debate with one of its hosts. However, past comments from the moderator Chris Wallace has prompted many in the public to question if he is capable of handling such a prestigious responsibility.

Wallace stated it is not his job to keep either candidate honest and he has vowed not to fact-check either of their statements:

I do not believe it is my job to be a truth squad. It’s up to the other person to catch them on that. I certainly am going to try to maintain some reasonable semblance of equal time. If one of them is filibustering, I’m going to try to break in respectfully and give the other person a chance to talk.”

As Trump has built his campaign out of asserting things which are not true, the stance by Wallace certainly favors him. Trump has made no secret of the fact that he supports Wallace refusing to fact check. While a guest on Larry King’s program on RT, which is partly a Russian propaganda network Trump said, “I think candidate should police themselves.”

Of course he does.

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