Fox News Host LOSES IT Over Hillary Clinton’s Emails, But IGNORES The FIVE MILLION Emails Deleted By President Bush

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The hypocrisy of Republicans about the state of Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton’s emails are both embarrassing and telling. One of the most famously idiotic arguments ever made about why Clinton’s emails are a problem and other Republican email scandals are not was presented by Dana Perino, an ardent Conservative and corporate shill. As it happens Perino was also the Press Secretary for President George W. Bush and is well versed in the art of spinning lies into argumentative fact.

Perino begins with lipservice about their form employer and how patriotic she felt.

Now the real fun begins as Perino attempts to explain away why there was no problem with her boss, President Bush, deleting five million emails:

With the first lie under her belt she went on to talk about how the Republicans had no intent to decieve the public. Right, the party which is built upon the foundation of lies had no intontion to lie. Who believes this clap trap?

There are conflicting reports that the emails were ever found. Even if Perino could prove the emails were found, that does nothing to substantiate her comment that there wasn’t an intentional plot to deceive the public. This highlights the true nature of Republican hypocrisy. When a Democrat deletes emails, it is cause for treason. When a Republican does it, there should be no repercussions because they weren’t being deceitful when they actually were. Right.

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