JUST IN: Mark Cuban DEMOLISHES Fox News Host Over His Support Of Trump’s LIES [WATCH HERE]

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An element of Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump’s campaign is never admitting fault, no matter how small, for anything. If Trump was caught saying something he should not have said, it was the media’s bias which brought forward the story, and not Trump’s actions. If Trump’s numbers in the polls were shrinking, it was due to the media being against him, and had absolutely nothing to do with the sensibilities of voters who were outraged at his behavior. On and on the excuse factory has churned, over and over, to explain away why Trump is failing as the Republican standard bearer. Those paying attention to these little nuances are more than fed up with the attempts to rationalize why Trump is being cheated, including one of Trump’s sworn enemies, billionaire businessman Mark Cuban.

Cuban was a guest on “MediaBuzz” on Fox and the host Howie Kurtz said, “The media coverage of Trump in the last couple of months has been overwhelmingly negative.” Cuban was uninterested in listening to this false narrative and set Kurtz straight:

Well, that’s of his own making, isn’t it? If you’re going to say the things that he says, and if you’re going to make the flippant comments that he makes, you’re going to get covered. I mean, all he had to do was shut up nine out of ten times and the coverage would be distinctly different. That’s just not something he’s capable of doing.

The shameless Kurtz then stated the media has been hostile towards Trump. Apparently Kurtz forgot about the wall-to-wall coverage Trump had been receiving for the last year to which he bragged endlessly. Cuban reminded Kurtz of this fact:

Look, on the way up, he was happy to ride the train, right? He bragged about media coverage, he was excited about it, he loved the live coverage of the primaries and early on the presidential race. It’s a two-edged sword, you know that. So if you’re going to love it on the way up, you got to learn to deal with it.

Watch the full segment below:

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