Footage Of Trump Gushing About His Relationship With Putin Surfaces, And It Gets Even WORSE [WATCH HERE]

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Republican Presidential Nominee Donald Trump has been criticized after there was a perception that he had overly positive feelings towards Russian President Putin. Trump insisted that Putin was a strong leader, furthermore that he was a better leader for Russia than Obama comparatively was for America. Traditionally Conservatives have always revered the office of the American Presidency, avoiding criticisms being too harsh – if only out of respect for the office.

The cardinal offense of this tradition is to insult the American President while on a foreign trip. Video footage has surfaced from 2013 released by the Democratic National Committee of an interview which occurred while Trump was on a trip in Russia speaking about his relationship with Putin and his superior leadership qualities relative to Obama.

Via OccupyDemocrats: The interview was conducted by Thomas Roberts of MSNBC in Russia in 2013 in an effort to promote the Miss Universe Pageant, which Trump owned at the time and was hosting in Moscow at Crocus City Hall. “Do you have a relationship with Vladimir Putin? A conversational relationship or anything that you feel you have sway or influence over his government?”

The transcript of the interview followed. The question should be asked, if Trump was a Democrat, and he had made disparaging comments about a Republican President while in Russia, would this be treated differently?

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