FINALLY! The FBI Releases Statement – GREAT News For The Clinton Campaign! [DETAILS]

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Finally some good news for the Clinton campaign. FBI Director James Comey’s letter to congress has dominated the news cycle this weekend, and the news is affecting Hillary Clinton in the polls, so it’s time for the FBI get set things straight.

It looks like that is finally happening.

Federal investigators looking into the Clinton email matter now have the warrant needed to start reviewing the emails found on the laptop used by top Clinton aide Huma Abedin and her estranged husband, Anthony Weiner.

From Politico:

Several TV networks reported the issuance of the warrant Sunday night. The search warrant was apparently necessary because the warrant used to seize the laptop and other devices from Weiner earlier this month was focused on evidence that he allegedly exchanged sexually explicit messages with an underage girl.

The new warrant would broaden that search.

Abedin is said to be cooperating with officials, but it’s unclear whether she was officially asked for consent to search the laptop.

The faster the emails can be reviewed, the quicker the results can be announced to the public, which will hopefully put this email scandal to bed once and for all.

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