Female Fox News host expressed her DISGUST with Trump live on the air

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The evidence against Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump’s sexual abuse toward women has been heavily documented, and even his allies at Fox News are fed up with his misogyny. One Fox News host said on the air that they have become so disgusted with Trump that they will no longer be saying anything positive about him on the air.

The Fox News host in question, Dana Perino, is the former White House press secretary for George W. Bush and she has been a loud critic of Trump’s behavior. She said:

He was up there for three hours today, giving a speech. If you want people to focus on WikiLeaks, then you need to talk about it, not just talk about all of your accusers and then insult them.

Perino went on to say that she was breaking with some members of her party that see nothing wrong with Trump’s ugly behavior:

The Republicans that are defending this are really irritating me. I’ve been like Mount Vesuvius all day.

The other hosts on the show were taken back by Perino’s comments who warned her that producers might cut off her microphone if she continued to attack Trump and other Republicans. Perino was unconcerned and said:

Yeah, because women should be seen and not heard, apparently. After 20 years of defending these guys, done.

Perino deserves to be applauded for her honesty and bravery, not chastised that she might lose her ability to speak her mind. She and millions of others see right through Trump and his vile conduct.

Watch the segment below:

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