Facebook Co-Founder Pledges $30 Million After Trump Sex Tape Leak, Demolishes Him In Epic Rant

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Donald Trump is having an extremely tough day after an audio tape from 2005 leaked where he talks about having sex with married women, and how women let him “grab their p*ssy” because he’s famous. If you haven’t yet seen the tape it’s at the bottom of this article.
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Almost all of the top Republicans are jumping ship from Trump. John McCain jumped ship, Sen. Thune the #3 republican jumped ship, there are slews of Republicans coming out against Trump – telling him to drop out. The RNC has cut funding to Trump’s advertising.

Following all of this news the billionaire Facebook co-founder Dustin Moskovitz is pleding $20 million to defeat Trump. Promising another $8 million to help Democrats.

Via TheHill: “The events of the past few weeks have only deepened my conviction that Hillary is the best choice for America. I hope that these contributions will help make that outcome a reality,” the entrepreneur wrote in a post on Medium on Saturday night.

Moskovitz also pledged another $7 million to “nonpartisan voter registration and get-out-the-vote efforts.”

“If Donald Trump wins, the country will fall backward, and become more isolated from the global community,” he wrote in the post announcing his initial September pledge.

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