Eric Trump HUMILIATED After Hispanic Clinton Supporters TROLL Him In GLORIOUS PHOTO!

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The son of Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump is causing more trouble for his father’s campaign than he is worth. Previously Eric Trump was spotted stealing from a fast-food restaurant, causing Twitter to explode in a tirade of hysterics mocking the billionaire heir’s gall in not paying for something he could clearly afford. Now it seems Eric Trump has trumped himself with his own stupidity by being lured into a series of photographs with Hispanic detractors of his father — while being hopelessly oblivious to his own plight the entire time. Justice?

One can’t particularly blame Eric Trump for doing what he did. His father’s campaign is desperately losing the Hispanic vote, and rightly so due to Donald Trump’s hostile rhetoric towards anyone who is not white. So when Eric Trump spotted some female supporters who appeared to be Hispanic, wearing a shirt that he thought supported his father he did what he was trained to do — use them for his own gains. He didn’t know the shirt one of the women was wearing was actually against his father, and why would he? Eric Trump doesn’t speak a word of Spanish.

The two sisters, aged 17 and 23, made themselves available to Trump while one of them wore a shirt which said “Latina Contra Trump.” Perhaps Eric Trump thought “contra” meant something favorable, rather than its actual meaning of “Latina Against Trump.” The hilarity that ensued is that of the record books, which will sure spawn numerous copycat attempts before the presidential campaign winds down in less than three weeks.

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