Eric Trump BUSTED For STEALING From Restaurant, And The Internet Is HAVING A FIELD DAY

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The embarrassment of Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump’s campaign has created a list of gaffes too numerous to list in a timely manner. Indeed, the failed businessman requires no help in drawing negative attention to himself, but his youngest son Eric has been found in a compromising position of his own and the Twitter world has exploded with hilarity in mocking Eric’s theft of a beverage from a fast-food establishment.

Eric Trump was visiting an “In-N-Out” burger restaurant, which is beloved by millions. He was spotted taking a picture with an individual, who may have been a fan or who may have wanted the picture for the same reason individuals slow down when the see a car accident — for mere gawking purposes. In the picture it is evident Eric Trump is holding a clear plastic cup, which is the universal sign that the cup was meant for water. However, Trump’s glass is full of what appeared to be lemonade, which means Trump never paid for the beverage!

How is it possible for the son of a very rich man to steal a drink? It shows how entitled the Trump family has become, in believing the world is theirs for the taking and that no consequences will come to them for any infraction of the law — no matter how small.

Twitter users took notice of his hypocrisy and wrote:

One hopes Trump’s thievery will not spoil the experience of In-N-Out for others, as losing the ability to enjoy “Animal Fries” would truly be a tragedy and the Trump family just is not worth that.

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