Elizabeth Warren TEARS Trump Apart For Fat Shaming Miss Universe In 5 Epic Tweets

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It started on Monday night at the Presidential Debate. Hillary Clinton brought up the 1996 Miss Universe Winner Alicia Machado who Trump used to harass, calling her “Miss Piggy” and “Miss Housekeeping”. Clinton revealed that Machado has become a US citizen, has registered to vote, and is going to vote for her. After several days of the media looking into Machado the media found disturbing information. Trump never denied that he said the things Machado claimed or that he was in the wrong at all, instead footage was found of Trump claiming Machado had gained 50 pounds and that he was a good guy for not firing her.

After several days of this Trump gave way early in the hours of Thursday morning, taking to Twitter at 2 AM to fire off some extremely nasty tweets to fat shame Machado. Instead of walking them back as angry tirades Trump doubled down, saying that we should want a leader who has the stamina to be up at that hour, angrily tweeting away. Definitely.

Sen. Elizabeth Warren is vehemently hated by Trump. She and Trump have engaged in constant Twitter wars, and Warren punches back! She sent off a stream of tweets that absolutely shred Trump.

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