Early Voting Results From Florida Are In, Will THIS Be The Next President?

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With the Presidential Election under six weeks away early voting results are coming back from key states, such as Florida. While many of us were hoping that the results would show Trump losing by a landslide it appears as if the results are not matching that expectation, based off of over 1.5 million votes that have come in already.


Donald Trump’s only path to victory has to include a win in Florida. A win which was going to be highly contested, depending on who showed up primarily, young or old people.

Obama won Florida in both 2008 and 2012, leaving the chances of the Republicans in the dirt. The importance of the state has grown since then, as there are 3 further electoral votes for the state since 2012.

Early voting numbers in the state shows that Trump is beating Hillary by an unprecedented amount, leading by over 120,000 votes.

The News Alert blog reports (via GP):

Here are the numbers, via the Florida Division of Elections:

2016 General Election

Election Number – 10282 Election Date – 11/08/2016

Republican 881,274 – Democrat 760,003

Alarms should be going off at the Hillary camp. Clinton has outspent Trump by a 5:1 ratio in the sunshine state. Trump is campaigning in Florida throughout the week, with rallies in Fort Myers and Pensacola. Why aren’t Hilary’s tactics effective?

Recent polls show Mrs. Clinton is not earning the same support among Hispanics, young people or white voters that Mr. Obama captured when he eked out a Florida victory four years ago in the country’s most hard-fought swing state.

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