Donald Trump Just Gave PETRIFYING Instructions To His Supporters That Should Have ALL OF US Worried

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Donald Trump’s newest rant is all about how this election is rigged, and how the only way he could possibly lose is if the election is rigged against him. EVERYTHING is rigged. The media is rigged, Clinton’s campaign is rigged, the polling places are rigged, you get the gist.

Now that Trump is down by 11 points in the polls, he is only increasing his rhetoric. Trump took to Twitter to tell the world that the election is “absolutely” being rigged “at many polling places.” While Trump has repeatedly tossed around “rigging” accusations in recent days, as sexual assault allegations continue to mount against him, this marks the first time he took it to actual voting locations.

Can you imagine having Trump supporters “policing” polling locations? That could spell nothing but trouble.




Although rigging accusations are nothing new for Trump, he seems to be intensifying them as Election Day nears and his support wanes. His remarks came after his running mate, Mike Pence, said the pair would accept the outcome of the November 8th vote.

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