Donald Trump Gets BRUTAL Wake-Up Call, Campaign Is Barely Hanging On By A Thread (DETAILS)

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Donald Trump would be an absolute disaster if he won the presidency. Luckily, it appears that he won’t win, and Hillary Clinton will be the next president of the United States.

One of the scariest thoughts is Trump as Commander-In-Chief, and the idea of him running the military. He knows nothing about the military or foreign policy, and has proven he won’t listen to his aides or advisers.

Now fifty-five generals have released a letter stating Trump is unfit for the presidency.

Written in The Wall Street Journal, the letter condemns Trump’s behavior toward women, calling him “utterly unworthy” of the Oval Office. “If given such power, Donald Trump would create a command climate intolerant of women and incompatible with a trained, ready, and honorable military,” the open letter said. “The American people deserve better than a misogynist in chief. Donald Trump’s behavior is antithetical to American values.”

Some of the generals are retired four-star generals and three-star officers, as well as officers from the Navy, Air Force, Marines, and Army National Guard. They wrote that if Trump were elected, he would likely slow or even stop the progress that has already been achieved on addressing sexual assault in the military. The letter was signed by former officers of both genders, including Lt. Gen. Walter Gaskin, Lt. Gen. John Castellaw, and Lt. Gen. Claudia Kennedy, who was the first woman to reach the Army’s three-star rank.

Trump had previously released a list of 88 retired generals that did support him, but many have called Trump’s list “tarnished” because it’s markedly shorter than the 500 retired military brass who came out for nominee Mitt Romney in 2012 – and because some of the Trump signers have problematic histories.

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