DL Hughley just DESTROYED Trump on Twitter

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The line of Hollywood celebrities who have spoken out against the candidacy of Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump continues to grow. After the world learned of the disgusting comments made by Trump in 2005 where he bragged to television host Billy Bush about his penchant for sexually assaulting women without repercussion, Trump’s polling numbers have plummeted and he has become an easy target for comedians. One of Trump’s loudest detractors this election has been the renowned D.L. Hughley.

Hughley’s comments came in response to the seemingly unending stream of females who continue to flood news mediums with stories of Trump and his various inappropriate behaviors which he had inflicted upon them. Trump and his campaign have denied every single allegation thrown his way in regards to sexual assault, but the likelihood that all of the women are lying is incredibly low. Hughley knows this and Tweeted his thoughts on the matter to a raucous response:

I can’t tell if those numbers n Times Square r Americans that died from smoking or all the women Trump groped.

The Trump campaign wishes for the public to forget about the allegations against him, but that does not appear to be happening anytime soon.

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