Did You See What Just Happened in the Presidential Debate? Listen Closely!

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The Vice President debate is underway, and before the debate even started Mike Pence put out an article about how they had won the debate. Pence has been spewing out lies, and no one has been able to get him to say anything worthwhile.

Half an hour into the debate Mike Pence tried to make the debate personal by bringing up the story of how is uncle was a lifelong cop in Chicago, a place where the police have entirely failed the community. Pence exploded and said that Kaine and Clinton have been painting cops as bad people. When have they ever done that? An absolute lie.

Tim Kaine responded “People are afraid to bring up the issues of police violence. And if you’re afraid to bring it up you’ll never solve it”. How true, how are we going to ever see any change to policing with people like Mike Pence speaking in platitudes and refusing to recognize the issues of bias in the system.

Mike Pence said that “at risk of agreeing with you” he agrees with Kaine on community policing, but simultaneously he also stands with Trump who wants more stop and frisk in more cities, creating further racial division in cities that are already crippling under the current methods that lead to systemic bias.

Shortly after this altercation, Kaine went on an epic rant that left Pence SPEECHLESS, clip below:

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