BREAKING: FBI Director Leaked Classified Letter About Clinton To Republicans [DETAILS]

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As the FBI’s investigation grows against Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton, more details emerge which make it appear that the FBI has been playing favorites with Republicans. First, it was discovered that the FBI read the emails discovered on Anthony Weiner’s computer without first obtaining a warrant to do so, which is likely illegal and a violating of Weiner’s constitutional rights. Furthermore, it appears the letter which Comey wrote to congress indicated the bureau had discovered more information was not distributed to both parties evenly and that Republicans had the first look at the damaging information.

A senior Democratic congressional aide spoke on a condition of anonymity about the letter, and he says Congressman Jason Chaffetz, who is the chairman of the Oversight and Government Reform committee, saw the letter first and then Tweeted it out to the world before any Democratic member of the house had an opportunity to read it. The aide said:

Democratic Ranking Members on the relevant committees didn’t receive Comey’s letter until after the Republican Chairmen. In fact, the Democratic Ranking Members didn’t receive it until after the the Chairman of the Oversight and Government Reform Committee, Jason Chaffetz, tweeted it out and made it public.

Is this evidence of the FBI director attempting to influence the presidential election? Was it true that Chaffetz saw the letter first, and was it breaking ethical rules for him to have released it without Democrats seeing it first? Had Democrats seen the letter and are merely crying foul? At this time these questions are unclear, so it appears an investigation into the FBI’s investigation will be necessary to answer the questions.


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