Democrats prepare final HAMMER BLOW to finish Trump FOREVER

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Democrats are waiting in the wings, patiently plotting and planning their next move after they were given the gift of Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump’s 2005 comments about how he enjoys sexually assaulting women, sleeping with married women, and cheating on his own wife.
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Thus far the campaign of Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton has remained mostly silent in regards to Trump’s despicable comments. However individuals close to the Clinton campaign say that she is being prepped to attack Donald Trump the next time the two share a debate stage. While Clinton can score points for disemboweling Trump, her plan of attack will be to bring up the subject early in the evening and then to present herself as the exact opposite of Trump — presidential.

A Clinton campaign member who spoke on a condition of anonymity, not for fear of reprisal from Republicans but because the campaign is attempting to appear to not rub Trump’s words in his face, said the debacle of Trump is going to impact the entire party and not just the Republican presidential nominee himself:

The reality of this race at this time is that this is an extinction-level event in a campaign. So it’s not just something that will just be contained to Trump. It’s an issue that will put a lot of seats in play.

All that remains to be seen is how negatively Trump will impact the Republican party as a whole. As politics is a survival game one can expect the Grand Ole Party to begin gnawing off its own appendages to save itself very soon. Very few Republicans have loyalty to Donald Trump, and he should not expect any of his fellow party members to do him any favors.

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