Conservatives Made SICKENING Cartoon That Compares Michelle Obama To Melania Trump – It’s HORRIFIC! [IMAGE]

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The hypocrisy of Republican voters can be viewed through the crystallized example of the way in which they deride First Lade Michelle Obama’s appearance in comparison to that of Melania Trump, the wife of Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump. For years Republicans have degraded Michelle Obama, criticizing the way in which she dresses and occasionally wears an ensemble┬áthat shows her arms. At the same time these individuals apparently have no qualms that Melania Trump has been featured, nude, numerous times in a variety of publications. How these individuals can reconcile this in their minds as fair and balanced behavior is something to best be answered by a psychologist.

One can observe this behavior in the media as well through a satirical cartoon that pits Michelle Obama against Melania Trump. The image presents Michelle Obama as burly and muscular, almost aggressive looking, while presenting Melana Trump as dainty and feminine. The illustrator, Ben Garrison, did the public a disservice by offering this image for consumption. There is no value to be had, and nothing to be learned from discerning such a warped image.

All that has been accomplished through the pushing of this disgusting image is making the American people aware of the very real bigotry and hatred which has played our society. First Lady Michelle Obama has been at the forefront of numerous assaults upon her character, appearance, and patriotism. The main point to take away from this debacle is that if Republicans had anything else to criticize Michelle Obama about, they would do so. That they do not is telling enough.


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