Conservative Media HUMILIATED After Falling For HUGE Hoax, Trump Is Blaming DEMOCRATS!

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As Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump’s campaign continues to burst into flames, his supporters in the conservative media have been jumping at any chance to change the subject about his abysmal political performance. They have been so desperate for any type of story that the conservative media has fallen for numerous fake stories this week which have turned out to be satire, but that they originally reported as being real. The comedy ensuing has not been lost on political observers who have been relishing every moment.

The Drudge Report featured a story that showed a group of young black individuals destroying a car with bumper stickers that had Trump’s name on them. Numerous right-wing publications jumped at the chance to publish this story and it was ran with for over 24-hours with Trump supporters using the video as justification for their own hateful and vile rhetoric. Watch the video here:

However, the joke was on them because the entire video was a hoax. The individuals who destroyed the vehicle were not vandals, but actors, and the vehicle’s owner can be seen standing observing the car’s destruction. The creater of the video, “Joey Salads” issued an apology video for causing such a stir in the minds of right-wing people.

Salads said that he issued his apology because he had been receiving a mountain of messages from individuals in the black community, and from supporters of the black community, of how they were outraged at being portrayed as violent. Salads is a comedian, but his work touched a nerve and he was forced to back peddle.

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