Clinton’s campaign CHEERS the latest news from WikiLeaks

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The campaign of Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton has been timidly awaiting the next release from WikiLeaks, the hacker group which has been showering the Internet with the dastardly deeds of the Democratic party. While not a right-wing organization, which is headed by Julian Assange who has been hiding in an Ecuadorian embassy for several years, WikiLeaks hasn’t spent nearly as many resources in attacking Republicans as they have Democrats.

A democratic official said, “We’re bracing ourselves. It’s hard to protect against something when you don’t know what it might be.”

However, all of that bracing now appears to be for naught. At least for now. NBC reporter Jesse Rodriguez tweeted:

Due to security concerns at the Ecuadorian Embassy, Julian Assange’s balcony announcement on Tues has been cancelled, per @wikileaks

The news is welcomed by embattled Democrats who have been afraid of an “October surprise” which could harm all leftists seeking office in the national election. However, just because the release has been canceled it does not mean that the information will not be released. It merely is not going to be on Tuesday. It could very well come the next day, out of mere spite. There is cause for speculation, and one should safely assume that sooner or later the other shoe is indeed going to drop. When that happens the Democratic party may be singing a different tune, but for today there is cause for celebration.


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