Clinton & Trump Hilariously Mocked in Saturday Night Live Remake Of Debate

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Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton were mocked mercilessly and perfectly on Saturday Night Live doing a skit on their Presidential Debate Monday. Trump is being played by Alec Baldwin, who is being brought on as a near full time cast member through the election – as Trump’s character will be making increased appearances.

Kate McKinnon played Clinton and was subject to Baldwin’s Trump mockingly going “wrong, wrong, wrong” as Trump comically did during the debates many times. Trump on SNL “I have the best judgment, and the best temperament […] She’s the one with the bad temperament. She’s always screaming. She’s constantly lying. Her hair is weird and her face is completely orange. Except around the eyes where it’s white. Once she stops talking her mouth looks like a tiny little butthole.”

One of the more glorious moments of the much anticipated mock debate was Clinton yielding her time to Trump, later in the sketch she also asks if we can hold the election right then, and vote now. So true!

Later in the bit, Clinton on SNL: “Listen, America. I get it. You hate me […] You hate my voice, and you hate my face. Well, here’s a tip: If you never want to see my face again, elect me president, and I swear to God I will lock myself in the Oval Office and not come out for four years. But if you don’t elect me, I will continue to run for president until the day I die.”

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