Clinton HUMILIATED after leaked memo shows SCRIPTED appearance on talk show

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One of the biggest complaints by detractors of Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton, on both sides of the political aisle, is that she often appears to be robotic and gives answers out of a can rather than creating them organically and off-the-cuff. That criticism has now received some credence after it was revealed a popular television host had a conversation with Clinton which was nearly entirely scripted while she appeared on their program.

Clinton appeared on the “Steve Harvey Show“, hosted by Steve Harvey, on February 17th. The mostly untalked about conversation is now receiving a fury of attention after it was uncovered through an exclusive investigation by The Washington Free Beacon which obtained a memo showing Clinton’s campaign was given a full week to review the questions Harvey would ask Clinton.

The Clinton campaign’s memo informed Clinton, “Steve is known to be a host who goes out of his way to make his guests feel comfortable. We coordinated closely with the show’s producers on the script and format of the show.” and “During this segment Steve will take a trip down memory lane with YOU to talk about the different moments of YOUR life displayed in the photographs below.” The memo further stated, “Please note that the tone of the show is generally light so even on policy questions, Steve won’t go too deep into details.”

When the pictures of Clinton’s childhood were placed on screen she faked surprise and said, “Oh boy. Oh my goodness.”

Watch parts of the segment below:

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